Automatically share air supply, location and more with up to 70 dive buddies

See how Smart Console works:


Underwater communication

It’s now possible for anyone that wants, to have their own local subaquatic network, powered by ultra sonic sound. All that is required is at least two Smart Consoles within 100m range.

Easy to use

Sharing information with dive buddies has never been this easy. The Smart Console automatically detects and connects to other units nearby. Once connected they automatically share air pressure, location and more.

Loaded With Power

The Smart Console comes packed with 7 sensors that can detect depth, motion, temperature, air level and location. It also has a fast processor, 3.7″ color display and Wifi connectivity.

Carefully Crafted Design

The Smart Console replaces the regular console, and fits beautifully in the hand. It has been designed by Swedish engineers with simplicity and utility in mind. The casing is water proof and extremely tolerant.

Flexibile with apps

The Smart Console comes with many handy apps. You can download more from our store using Wifi. We are constantly working on adding new apps.

Backup to the cloud

The Smart Console can store data from hundreds of dives. It will wirelessly synchronize and backup your dive data to the Aqwary Cloud.


Height: 205.3 mm / 8.08 inches
Width: 86 mm / 3.38 inches
Depth: 42.8 mm / 1.68 inches
Weight: 435 grams / 15.3 ounces (without batteries)

Download a full specification